“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

— Ernest Hemingway



Mystery/Coming Of Age —

August Wolf

Still coming to terms with the death of his best friend, twelve year old Zeke Wolfe is forced to spend his summer at his family’s new lake house in a strange little east coast town full of secrets. Bored and stir-crazy Zeke ventures into the town where he meets a local girl and another boy whose family is visiting from Boston. The three are fast friends but their summer soon turns into a living puzzle when the secrets of the town begin to surface and Zeke discovers some of these secret are too close to home.

STATUS — Available


— Dark Comedy/ Satire

Shit Storm

Grace is selfish, manipulative and has next to no conscience but she’s living the life of her dreams, so why would she care? She has a job she masterfully doesn’t have to work, friends who pay for her booze and a fake fiance to torment her sister with. So when were childhood frienemy Faral shows up unannounced she has two choices; have her entire live turned inside out or… run.

STATUS — Available

Drama/Mystery/Coming Of Age —


Thirteen year old Chloe’s life is torn apart when her younger sister vanishes into thin air. She knows who is responsible and no one will believe her, but when she fights to prove her theory she discovers everything she thought she knew is dead wrong.

STATUS — In Rewrites

A in a woman in a white dress runs in a green field with storm clouds overhead

— Thriller

Every Little Detail

It’s been more than a decade since Jessica Spade left Los Angeles and not a day has gone by without talking to her best friend and writing partner, Ellie. Until last Wednesday. Five days have passed and no one seems to have any answers, so Jessica decides to take matters into her own hands and find Ellie herself. Only instead of finding her best friend, what she finds is an entire world of lies, questions and puzzle pieces forcing Jessica to retrace every little detail of the last twelve years.

STATUS — In Early Development

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”

— Kurt Vonnegut



Mystery/Coming Of Age —

Catfish Bend

It’s 1968, and Glenny is sick of spending all his free time helping out on the farm, so when a new kid in town befriends him, he couldn’t be happier. Until he realizes there is something wrong with his new friend’s dad and he has to take matters into his own hands before it’s too late.

STATUS — Available


— Avant Garde/ Flash Fiction

There’s a Hole in My House

An abstract account of a woman dealing with devastating grief, this piece was written to leave it’s deeper meaning in the minds of the reader; is this human heartbreak or existential turmoil? You decide.

STATUS — Available

Comedy —

Cold Coffee

Three strangers share their inner dialogue, curiosities and suspicions about one another in this glib, comedic short story which shines a light on the most repugnant sides of ourselves.

STATUS — Available

A moody black and white image of a desolate field and stormy sky

— Drama/ Flash Fiction

The Reckoning

A subliminal depiction of a woman working to make sense of her rapidly declining mental state.

STATUS — Published

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